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Bios - Ace

Voiced By: Frank Welker (FX)
First Appearance: "Rebirth"
Position: Loyal Guard Dog

Bio: Ace was taken away from his mother and taken to the pound. There, he was given to a dogfight trainer named Ronny Boxer. Abused and tortured, Ace was trained by Boxer to be a fighting machine. During Ace's first dogfight, the police raid the match. The dog escapes during the confusion into the snowy streets, unsuspecting of where to go. Meanwhile down in Crime Alley. Bruce is paying his annual visit to the site of his parents' death long ago. Bruce has some difficulty getting past a hulking Jokerz member, but manages to get by, aggravating the clown. He lays down his roses, unsuspecting of the Jokerz creeping up behind him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ace saves Bruce from a Jokerz gang member. Seeing the abuse Ace as been through, he takes him in for a companion and give shim the name, "Ace". Now that Terry has donned the mantle, Ace has grown pretty fond of Terry as well. Ace continues to be a vigilant watch out dog, as well as a great weapon to use against unsuspecting villains...and he's pretty good company.

Note: Ace is possibly named after the Royal Flush Gang member "Ace", whom Bruce sat with until her death. See Justice League Unlimited.

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