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Bios - April Moon Gang

Voiced By:
Eric Michael Cole as Kneejerk
Ethan Embry as Terrapin
Johnny Galecki as Krul
Jason Nash as Harold [Bullwhip]
First Appearance: "April Moon"
Position: In Jail

Bio: A nameless gang of thugs who wanted to make an impression on Gotham's underworld, these men decided the only way to get noticed was to enhance their strengths via cybernetics. After kidnapping the wife of a noted medical scientist, Dr. Peter Corso, they forced him to enhance every member of the gang with a specific trait and weapon:

Bullwhip - enhanced with cybernetic whips, controlled by his thoughts.
Kneejerk - enhanced with sharp cutting instruments, most notably fixated on his kneecaps.
Krul - enhanced with a metal armor, which is hid in chambers under his skin under activated.
Terrapin - enhanced with large, deadly fists.

Forced to enhance these thugs, Corso secretly dubbed them "The April Moon Gang," the name coming from a treasured song between he and his wife. With each members' abilities cybernetically enhanced, they now have the power they so desired. The only thing they didn't count on, however, was running into Gotham's protector.

*Judging by the ending of "April Moon", it appears as if Bullwhip died.

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