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Bios - Batgirl

Voiced By: Tara Strong
First Appearance: "Return of the Joker"
Position: Retired

Bio: Batgirl aided Batman in his search for their missing partner, Robin. After 3 weeks, they discovered that The Joker and Harley Quinn had kidnapped him and were holding him at the old Arkham Asylum, now demolished, with the inmates moved to a higher security building.

She watched in horror as The Joker revealed to Batman his greatest achievement in “Joker Jr.” or "Jay Jay", a Robin poisoned into looking like an exact duplicate of Joker himself, his adoptive “son”. After failing to reach Harley, they fought outside the Asylum; Harley fell down a seemingly bottomless pit, to her supposed death. Upon returning insider the Asylum, Batgirl saw Joker dead, a “Bang!” sign impaled in his chest. She attempted to comfort the distraught Robin as Batman watched on, unable to react to the Joker’s final crime.

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