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Bios - Big Time

Voiced By: Stephen Baldwin
First Appearance: "Big Time"
Position: Enemy

Bio: Big Time started out life as Charlie Bigelow, a tough, big-talking kid who grew up with Terry McGinnis. Charlie was always angling for a leg up-either legal or illegal-and he easily enticed young Terry into a bit of petty theft. When they were caught, Terry spent a few months in juvenile hall. But Charlie was old enough to be tried as an adult. He went to prison.

Once out of the big house, Charlie put the touch on old friend Terry. Stricken by guilt, Terry used his influence to land Charlie a job at Wayne Enterprises. But Charlie was still only interested in the big score, and he used his security clearance to help some crooks steal the company's experimental growth hormone. When Batman arrived to stop the theft, the growth hormone accidentally spilled on Charlie-with horrendous results.

Charlie's dark inner nature now has a physical manifestation. He's Big Time, a grotesque, malformed giant with super-human strength who has one goal in life: to seek revenge against Batman.

Meanwhile, Charlie/Big Time continues to have a love-hate relationship with his childhood friend, Terry McGinnis, unaware that Terry and Batman are one and the same

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