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Bios - Derek Powers / Blight

Voiced By: Sherman Howard
First Appearance: "Rebirth"
Position: Dead?

Official Bio: A man of beastly tactics, Derek Powers stands over six feet tall and has a commanding presence with cool eyes, a slippery voice and stark white hair that can catch even the most cautious of business associates off guard. Not surprisingly, Powers holds a secret about his appearance.

After an unfriendly encounter with the Tomorrow Knight, Powers was exposed to a mutagenic nerve gas. The gas, in combination with the radiation he later received to heal his scars, has left him transformed into a walking toxic hazard named Blight. Beneath the layer of artificial skin that hides his true face from the world and contains his toxicity, Powers' body is luminescent, glowing like phosphorus.

Powers' manufactured skin must be replenished every 24 hours, or it deteriorates and falls away. At least once a night, Powers' doctors place him in a mold that vacuum packs a new layer of skin over his radiating body. Powers and his doctors are constantly searching to find a cure for his condition, and work tirelessly towards this goal. Powers' other goal is to do anything to kill the man he blames for his condition -- Batman, the Tomorrow Knight.

Biography (Cartoon Network): Derek Powers was a powerful villain even before he became the deadly creature known as Blight. As one of the most important businessmen in Gotham City, Powers forcibly acquired several companies, including Wayne Enterprises. When that wasn't enough, Powers began bio-weapons development in an attempt to broaden his sphere of influence. During a fight with Batman, Powers was exposed to toxic chemicals, becoming the victim of his own creation. In order to survive, Powers was treated with deadly radiation, and it turned his body into a radioactive skeleton. His body temperature is so high that his hands can burn through just about anything, including steel, and he can launch lethal balls of radiation when that isn't enough.

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