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Bios - Brain Trust

Voiced By:
Kate Jackson as Bombshell
Victor Rivers as Invulnerable Man
Brian Tochi as Albino/Edgar
Mara Wilson as Tamara
First Appearance: "Mind Games"
Position: Villains*

Bio: An organization which has operated for years in secret, the "Brain Trust" recruits only the best of the best. The organization consists of people blessed with special mental and genetic abilities, whether it be mind control, telekinesis, or telepathy. Considering themselves superior to all other life on earth, the "Brain Trust" seeks out others like themselves, in hopes of building their ranks and exploiting their special talents.

The "Brain Trust" recruits new members very early in life, in order to gain early access to their powers, and easily influence them. While the "Brain Trust" promises an education at an upscale school, they really take new members to a secluded location. By secluding new members away from society, the group is able to mold the new members as they see fit. This way, there's little chance any members will rebel against the beliefs of the organization.

The "Brain Trust" has secret locations all across the world, and continues to recruit new members.

Note: The Albino was revealed to be named "Edgar." Edgar made an appearance in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Double Date" as the son of Mandragora.

*Sans Tamara

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