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Bios - Curaré

Voiced By: Melissa Disney
First Appearance: "A Touch of Curaré"
Position: Villain

Bio: She's deadly, and possesses an unending knowledge of killer tactics. She is an excellent Martial Artist, and is designed to kill. She possesses a scimitar that is no thicker than a molecule which can cut through anything and deflect gunfire. She is Curare. Not much is known about Curaré. She is a member of the Society of Assassins. In the society, the price of failure is death, but nobody has ever failed. Nobody remembers Curaré's real name or her face. The only photo of her is from an airport assassination. Curaré finally met her match in the form of Batman and Barbara Gordon. The both of them managed to capture Curaré and save district attorney Sam Young from her lethal blade. Curaré managed to escape, but must now face the consequences of failure. This is the only time she has failed, and is crucial to her character. Because of this, she had to destroy the entire Society of Assassins in order to remain to the best killer. Curaré is also the name of a poisonous plant used by some South American Indians to tip their arrows, and by medical doctors as a muscle relaxant.

Hence Bruce wasn't kidding when he says: "Curaré, she's as lethal as her name."

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