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Bios - Tim Drake

Voiced By: Dean Stockwell
First Appearance: "Return of the Joker"
Position: Retired; Married

Bio: The last Robin to fly alongside Batman, Tim Drake was captured and tortured by Joker and Harley, essentially turning him into a miniature form of Joker. Physically and mentally scarred, Tim Drake led many tough years after that trying to regain his sanity with the help of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Bruce forbade Tim to be Robin again and the two drifted apart, not seeing each other till over three decades later.

During the time he spent under The Jokerís torture, Tim was a part of The Jokerís ďgreatest experiment.Ē Using cutting edge technology, The Joker implanted his DNA on a microchip which he stuck to the side of Timís neck. When the time came for him to return, The Joker began to overtake Timís body at will; though he had grown old, Tim was still in good condition from his days as Robin. This gave Joker an advantage he previously never had: strength.

Tim Drake was freed from The Jokerís grasp for a second time with the aid of both Bruce and Terry. Terry fried the microchip on Tim Drakeís neck with a dropped joy buzzer, removing Jokerís DNA and the chip.

Tim, Barbara and Bruce all met together after the fiasco; though many bitter years lay between them, they sat down and worked it all out and are now friends once again.

Tim Drake currently resides in Gotham with his wife.

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