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Bios - Mr. Freeze

Voiced By: Michael Ansara
First Appearance: "Meltdown"
Position: Dead

Bio: A formidable foe from Bruce Wayne's era of Batman, Dr. Victor Fries was always an individual very deserving of sympathy. He was once a brilliant scientist who worked for GothCorp in an attempt to cure his cryogenically frozen wife of a deadly disease when a tragic incident twisted him into the infamous Mr. Freeze. Despite the fact that his motivating factor was charged with emotion, the cold Mr. Freeze often proclaimed himself to be dead to emotion and feeling. Mr. Freeze worked tirelessly, viciously, and almost maniacally in an attempt to revive his wife of her fatal ailment. While he eventually succeeded, it was at the cost of his own physical body. While initially unable to reach her, his disease eventually caught up with him and by the time his condition stabilized he was reduced to nothing more than an immortal head.

Too ashamed to seek out his beloved Nora, the head of Fries laid dormant for forty years before his destiny was intertwined with another infamous Batman foe: Derek Powers / Blight. Looking for a way to cure his condition, Dr. Stephanie Lake proposed a cunning solution. In order to test it, she sought out Fries because he had an irreversible condition similar to that of Powers. While Fries was temporarily restored to good heath, eventually his condition quickly took a turn for the worse and Dr. Lake opted to terminate the experiment. Feeling betrayed yet again, Mr. Freeze returned to exact revenge on those whom he felt wronged him, and after a confrontation with Blight and Batman probably died.

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