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Bios - Harley Quinn

Voiced By: Arleen Sorkin
First Appearance: "Return of the Joker"
Position: Retired

Bio: When Joker and Harley kidnapped Robin to torture and turn into a mini-Joker, Harley and Batgirl faced off for the last time. Harley tripped and fell into a deep chasm in the now-destroyed Arkham Asylum, seemingly plummeting to her death.

Though they never found her body, Harley survived the fall and later went off to lead a normal life. We last see her bailing her grandkids, Delia and Deidre Dennis, from jail after their involvement with the Joker’s latest return. After a small speech from Harleen, the twins quip “Shut up Nana Harley”, to which Harley replies: “Break your grandmother’s heart! I hope they throw the book at you!”

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