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Bios - Justice League Unlimited

Voiced By:
Jodi Benson as Aquagirl
Wayne Brady as Micron
Farrah Forke as Barda
Chris McDonald as Superman
Peter Onorati as Warhawk
Lauren Tom as Green Lantern
First Appearance: "The Call"
Position: Heroes

Bio: Old Superheroes never die... they just have to put up with upstarts like Terry McGinnis (aka the new Batman). The Justice League - a sextet of superhero dynamos--pulls together to support Batman Terry in his 21st century battle against all things evil. Happily, the League's got experience and firepower to spare:

Superman. The name says it all. He may be a little long in the tooth, but hey, he's SUPERMAN!

Big Barda. This Amazonian warrior gives new meaning to the words "I am Woman,... hear me roar!"

African-American superhero Micron proves that size does matter, with his power to change his size from miniscule to mountainous at the drop of a hat.

Warhawk makes villains take flight with his tough, aggressive bird-man powers that pay homage to the legendary Hawkman.

Aquagirl, the gorgeous descendant of the original Aquaman, cleans house with her overflowing powers.

The Green Lantern lives, with his magic ring now worn by a young but philosophically evolved Asian boy. He wears it well!

When Batman is called in to find the traitor inside of the Justice League Unlimited, he finds that the person who brought him in is also the traitor.

Superman is under the control of a powerful being known as Starro. Controlling Superman's actions, Starro began "killing" the Justice League off one by one. He ultimately failed, however, and  the rest of the JLU went after Superman and eventually succeeded in freeing him from Starro's mind control.

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