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Bios - The Joker

Voiced By: Mark Hamill
First Appearance: "Return of the Joker"
Position: Dead

Bio: Described as a "monster" and a "psychopath" by the aging Bruce Wayne, the original Joker was a sadistic clown who delighted in tormenting the first Batman and his allies.

A one-time nameless underworld gun for hire, the man who would become the Joker once fought Batman during a botched robbery at a chemical plant and fell into a vat of acid. The accident scarred both the criminal's face and mind. Now calling himself the Joker, the madman embarked on a campaign to make every citizen of Gotham a victim of his lethal antics.

Joker's determination to wreck havoc on the city continues into the time of Batman Beyond, as the clown has apparently returned, alive, unchanged, and in his words, "Ready to give this old town a wedgie again!"

Bio: When The Joker showed up at Bruce Wayne's ceremony for his return to Wayne / Powers, he and Terry were both confused by how he was seemingly able to rise from the dead. It was soon revealed to Terry that The Joker had once captured Robin (Tim Drake) and turned him into "J.J." or "Joker Jr." During this time, The Joker took state of the art technology and implanted a microchip with his DNA that would allow him to take over Tim Drake's body at will, enabling to be "alive" in the future.

The Joker attempted to make Bruce and Terry's lives a living hell by taking away all they cared about--Joker sent out his Jokerz to injure Terry's girlfriend, Dana. After gaining control of a super-laser now in orbit around Earth, Joker began setting his targets; first was the hospital that Dana was staying at; he then targeted the apartment complex in which Terry's mother and brother were living. For Wayne, he targeted Wayne Manor, knowing the blast would destroy the Manor and the massive cave below.

Joker was stopped once Terry confronted him in a fight to the death; Terry took Joker's joy buzzer that had fallen off during Joker's fight with Ace and fried the microchip on Joker's neck, returning him to Tim Drake once and for all.

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