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Bios - Jokerz

Voiced By:
Bruce Timm as Jokerz Leader (R)
Marc Worden as Joker on Monorail (R)
Kevin Richardson as Pilo (J)
Scott Valentine as Cue (J)
Marc Worden as Scab (J)
Michael Rosenbaum as Terminal (HA)
Omar Gooding as Trey (HA)
Michael Tucker as Watkins (HA)
Melissa Joan Hart as DeeDee (ROTJ)
Don Harvey as Chucko (ROTJ)
Henry Rollins as Bonk (ROTJ)
Michael Rosenbaum as Ghoul (ROTJ)
Frank Welker as Woof (ROTJ)
Bruce Timm as Top Hat Joker (C)
First Appearance: "Rebirth"
Position: Gang

Bio: The Jokerz are a motorcycle gang devoted to the Clown Prince of Crime. While the original Joker might have long since disappeared from Gotham, his spirit lives on inside these villainous hellions. Dressed in clown outfits and face paint, the Jokerz' primary concern is creating chaos. They especially enjoy practical jokes that turn deadly. There are more than one gang spread out through Gotham City. There are at least three known groups. One group even followed the original Joker! The Jokerz reign their terror on Gotham, causing fear in all who cross them.

HA-Hidden Agenda
ROTJ-Return of the Joker

Model Turn-a-rounds provided by DC Cartoon Archives


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