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Bios - The Kobras

Voiced By:
Kerrigan Mahan as Kobra One (Plague)
Dan Castellaneta as Kobra Commando (COTK)
Alexis Densof as Zande (COTK)
Gary Sturgis as Driver and Kobra (COTK)
Keith Szaragajka as Bracelet Kobra (Unmasked)
Corey Burton as Kobra Op #1 (Unmasked)
Kerrigan Mahan as Main Kobra Op (Unmasked)
First Appearance: "Plague"
Position: Terrorists

Official Bio: Afraid of snakes? Well then the Kobras probably aren't the club you've been looking to join. The Kobras aren't really a club anyway. In fact, they're a secret reptile-worshipping organization bent on total world domination. And you thought the Boy Scouts had too many rules!

Kobra members not only dress like snakes, they're hard at work on a plan that will let them actually BECOME reptiles, in the form of human-dinosaur hybrids. And this is no snake-in-the-sky fantasy. Well-financed, scientifically advanced and vast in numbers, this group might just slither their way to success...

Talk about a snake in the grass! Batman's got his work cut out for him battling this scaly bunch!


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