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Bios - Mad Stan

Voiced By: Henry Rollins
First Appearance: "Rats!"
Position: Crazy Man

Bio: Ah, the 60s, a time of peace, love, flower power...and VIOLENT rebellion. Batman-nemesis Mad Stan, a 60s-style radical, especially loved that last aspect of the period, because Stan is not only angry, he's insane. This hulking, militaristic madman also loves explosive devices. Basically, he never met a bomb he didn't like.

Mad Stan himself is a lot like a bomb: he's easily ticked off. One day his anger might be directed at having to pay fines for overdue library books. The next day, he's ready to blow up society in general. Why? Well, as far as Mad Stan is concerned, why not? And, of course, Mad Stan can not go anywhere without his noble dog at his side.

Whatever the cause of his ire, ultra-violent Stan is always one of Batman's most explosive problems.

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