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Bios - Ma Mayhem and Her Boys

Voiced By:
Kathleen Freeman as Ma Mayhem
Andy Dick as Stan
Mark Rolston as Carl
First Appearance: "The Eggbaby"
Position: In Jail

Bio: Aided by her two sons, Ma Mayhem is an old-fashioned thief in a futuristic city. She wasn't always a thief, though. At one point, she was a regular housewife with a loving husband and two loving, if slow, boys. That all crumbled as her husband took off with another woman, driving Ma over the edge. Fueled by her memories of a once loving time in her life, she turned to crime. With her sons Stan and Carl in tow, loud-mouthed Ma Mayhem has picked the city clean many times, only to be caught in the end by Batman. But, since Ma knows best, she always managed to escape time and time again.

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