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Bios - Mary McGinnis

Voiced By: Teri Garr
First Appearance: "Rebirth"
Position: Mother

Bio: Mary McGinnis is the loving mother of her two sons Terry and Matt. She used to be very soft with Terry but after his run-ins with the law and his father's death, she resolved to be more firm and strict with him. It takes all of the energy in the world for her to balance raising her two sons with her highly stressful job, and Terry's frequent absences because of his job with Bruce Wayne certainly don't help things for her. While she doesn't realize that her son Terry leads a double life as the vigilante Batman, but she is definitely starting to suspect that there may be something unusual about the nature of his job. Regardless of all his flaws, Mary McGinnis is very proud of her son, especially in light of all of the new responsibilities that he has begun to shoulder.

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