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Bios - Paxton Powers

Voiced By: Carey Elwes
First Appearance: "Ascension"
Position: Villain

Bio: Without a doubt, his father's son. Unforgiving and without remorse, Paxton is a business man, who at times, is worse than his father. Shrewd and unforgiving, Paxton rules all who work for him with an iron fist.

Sent away from Gotham at an early age, Derek called Paxton back to the city with plans of successor ship, but Paxton had other plans in mind. Instead of waiting for his father to pass the company onto him, Paxton sped up the process. Revealing his father to be the criminal Blight, Paxton immediately took control of WaynePowers. With his father thought dead after a nuclear submarine explosion, Paxton had it all.

However, much like his father, his greed and illegal dealings would soon get the better of him. Worried that Bruce Wayne would try to regain control of WaynePowers, Paxton set up the Royal Flush Gang to kill him, but the plan backfired once Batman got involved. He, and all of his illegal dealings, soon became, and the penalty was dire. He lost complete control of WaynePowers, giving complete control to Bruce Wayne, and Powers was imprisoned.

But don't count Paxton out yet. He may be down, but he's not out.

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