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Bios - Robin

Voiced By:
Matthew Valencia as Robin
Andrea Romano as J.J's Laughs / Crys
First Appearance: "Return of the Joker"
Position: Retired

Bio: Kidnapped by Joker and Harley, Robin was mentally and physically tortured by The Joker, who attempted to mould him into his own image. It soon became too much for Batman’s ward, and he began to reveal The Dark Knight’s greatest secrets to his arch nemesis.

With his skin now chalk white and his face permanently etched into a sickening grin, Robin, now called Jay Jay by his new “Father” was asked to “deliver the punch line” and kill Batman. Resisting The Clown Prince Of Crime’s orders, he instead shot the BANG gun straight into The Joker’s heart. Traumatized after what had happened to him, he sought psychiatric help from Dr. Leslie Thompkins until he was reverted back to himself.

Bruce forbade him to be Robin after that night, and he left Wayne to make it on his own, and become his own man.

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