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Bios - Royal Flush Gang

Voiced By:
George Lazenby as King
Amanda Donohoe as Queen
Scott Cleverdon as Jack
Olivia d'Abo as Ten
First Appearance: "Dead Man's Hand"
Position: Playing Guard Group

Bio: The family of crooks known as the Royal Flush Gang has been tormenting Gotham for years. Consisting of a King and Queen, as well as a Jack, Ten and Ace, the Royal Flush Gang is a force to be reckoned with. The gang utilizes weapons shaped like playing cards and flies across the city on card-shaped boards. While they don't have any superhuman powers, King is a master swordsman and Ace is an artificial human. Ten, the daughter of the bunch, is torn between her gentle and ruthless sides, and develops a rather unprofessional relationship with Batman.

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