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Bios - Spellbinder

Voiced By: Jon Cypher
First Appearance: "Spellbinder"
Position: In Jail

Bio: Spellbinder has the ability to induce hallucinations in others. His origin isn't one of criminal deeds, just plain anger and frustration. Ira Billings was once Hamilton High's student counselor. Day after day he would listen to their problems and help them find answers to their questions. Believing that he wasn't paid enough, and that the families he helped weren't grateful, he decided to take what was rightfully his. He created an alter ego, Spellbinder, who was able to induce hallucinations in people. He used his position as school counselor to learn where valuables were located, then manipulated students to steal for him. Spellbinder finally met his match when he tried to manipulate Terry McGinnis. Bruce Wayne managed to help Batman overcome Spellbinder's manipulations and defeat him. An interesting fact is that he's a descendant of the original Batman villain The Mad Hatter, Although they're not direct descendants. Spellbinder continues to oppose Batman.

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