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Bios - Starro

First Appearance: "The Call, Part 2"
Position: At Home

Bio: Once a peaceful being, Starro was taken from his planet by The Collector. After The Collector was destroyed by Superman and Lobo, Superman took all of Collector's collected species back to the Fortress of Solitude while cared for them. It was here that Starro observed how powerful Superman was and one day while Superman was feeding the animals, Starro surprised Superman and took control of his mind. Starro secretly bred more of his species for years and years, creating a vast army that resided in the Fortress.

Starro began taking out JLU members one by one and even brought Batman in take suspicion off of Superman as being the traitor in the JLU. Starro was found out, however, when a foiled attempt on Warhawk's life was made. Though Starro's brethren took control of most of the JLU, Batman was able to eventually free Superman from this Starro's grasp. Together, Batman and Superman relieved the JLU of Starro's control and sent Starro and all of his kind back to their home planet via Barda's mother box.

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