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Bios - Terrific Trio

Voiced By:
Jeff Glen Bennett as 2-D Man
Robert Davi as Magma
Laura San Giacomo as Freon
First Appearance: "Heroes"
Position: Dead?

Bio: Mike Morgan, Mary Michaels, and Stuart Lows were all respected Gotham scientists who stumbled into an unfortunate accident. During a routine experiment, they were doused with radiation, altering their DNA into ways they could never imagine. Now blessed, or cursed, with superpowers, the three decided to use these new found abilities for good:

* Magma - Powers with massive strength housed in a fiery body.
*2-D Man - Much like a rubber band, and stretch his entire body to any lengths
* Freon - Blessed with flight, she can shoot ice blasts from her hands.

Almost as fast as the accident which gave them their power, everything started to crumble. Bad news kept hitting them like endless waves. The Trio found out their accident that gave them their powers was actually planned - by their close friend Howard Hodges. Not only that, but their DNA had become unstable, and the radiation they were doused with was lethal.

With the world crumbling around them, the Trio became unhinged, and set out for revenge. The Trio wanted revenge against Hodges, but would not get it due to Batman's interference. In the ensuing battle, it was believed the whole team perished, but what happened to their bodies remains a mystery.

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