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Bios - Robert Vance

Voiced By: Stacy Keach
First Appearance: "Lost Soul"
Position: Deceased

Bio: Robert Vance was a brilliant and successful businessman and entrepreneur that owned a software company which dominated the world during its peak. Before his death, he designed a program that was a stunning replica of his personality to be reactivated so he could guide the company in the future. Insecure in his role as the leader of the company that he unexpectedly inherited, Robert's grandson allowed the program to roam free so it could help guide him. Little did he know that the program planned to implant itself in his own brain so it could have more direct control over the way the company was run.

Batman stopped Vance's plan before he was able to execute it, leaving Vance nothing more than a deleted program and his grandson, Bobby, quite shaken up.

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