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Bios - Melanie Walker

Voiced By: Olivia d'Abo
First Appearance: "Dead Mans Hand"
Position: Waitress

Bio: Raised by a family of criminals, Melanie Walker never felt like she fit in. She loved her family, but she felt like she didn't belong. The youngest member of The Royal Flush Gang, Walker received only the best, with her upper-class life style made possible by crime.

Content to live her life as a criminal, that all changed when she met Terry McGinnis one night outside of a club. She quickly fell for him, and they shared an immediate bond. Walker felt that she connected to McGinnis, not knowing he was really Batman. However, her family life came between her and McGinnis, making a relationship between the two impossible.

After be apprehended by the police, Walker decided she no longer wanted to live the life of a criminal, and opted the straight path. Now an ex-con trying to make an honest dollar, Walker hopes to break the cycle started by her family's legacy of crime.

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