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Bios - Warren McGinnis

Voiced By: Michael Gross (I)
First Appearance: "Rebirth"
Position: Father, Deceased
Max in Action

Official Bio: Warren McGinnis thought he had it bad. Still reeling from his separation with his wife Mary, Warren had to contend with his very stressful job at WaynePowers and had to learn to handle his explosive and emotionally vulnerable son Terry. Little did he know that a complex sequence of coincidences and events would soon send him spiraling toward his doom: One of his co-workers gave him sensitive information about the company before he succumbed to the nerve gas that he had been exposed to. After an examination of the information and a fight with his son that ended in his son leaving the house, Derek Powers arranged Warren to be killed so that the dirt on the company would not have a chance to spread.

Fortunately, Warren managed to slip the disk into a picture of Terry and himself before he died. Armed with nothing more than guilty feelings about his father's death and the information pertaining to WaynePowers' nerve gas, Terry resolved to avenge the death of his father and bring justice to Derek Powers. While Mary McGinnis' son is Terry, Terry believes that if his father were still alive he would proudly regard him as Batman.

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