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Bios - Willie Watt

Voiced By: Scott McAfee
First Appearance: "Golem"
Position: Villain

Bio: Willie Watt was always getting crap from everyone throughout the earlier portions of his high school career. He was constantly getting bullied by kids like Nelson Nash and even his father who wanted him to toughen up, with supportive friends like Terry McGinnis few and far between. Staying true to his father's word, Willie hijacked a powerful robot named GOLEM from his father's workplace so he could exact revenge on . Due to a mechanical flaw and an accident, Willie Watt forged a telepathic link between himself and GOLEM so he could control it anywhere with his mind without the aid of a device. Willie Watt was eventually sent to Juvenile Hall after he was stopped from killing his father with GOLEM by Batman.

While Golem was destroyed so Willie could not control it and create even further chaos, he gained the power of Telekinesis. After strange incidents occurred at Hamilton Hill High School, Terry decided to pay a visit to Willie. While Willie was much more muscular and self-assured than before, Terry still felt that something was wrong. In order to test Willie, Terry quickly threw a cup of water at him which Willie was able to stop in midair with his mind. Thankfully, Terry was eventually able to stop Willie after he broke out and went after both Nash and his crush Blade.

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