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Episode #07 - Meltdown
Original Airdate - February 13th, 1999

With his radiation condition getting worse, Derek Powers looks into cloning to help cure him. The test subject? Victor Fries, who is still alive and kickin'.

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Story by Hilary J. Bader
Teleplay by Hilary J. Bader & Alan Burnett
Directed by Curt Geda
Music by Lolita Ritmanis
Animation by Koko / Dong Yang

Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis/Batman
Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
Linda Hamilton as Dr. Stephanie Lake
Michael Ansara as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
Sherman Howard as Derek Powers/Blight
Lauren Tom as Dana Tan
Tress MacNeille as Miss Winston
Joe Spano as Sniper
Corey Burton as Barge Captain
Stuart Pankin as Key Negotiator
John Rubinow as Doctor #1
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Sound Clips
"There may be some..." (MP3, 36kb. by Chris M.)
"And behold..." (MP3, 77kb. by Chris M.)

This was excellent use of Mr. Freeze because it fit into the idea that he was immortal. It was a nice cameo appearance, and his interaction with the first major appearance of Blight worked very well. It was also a nice episode in that it was typical to Bruce's beliefs on the villains that he fought in the past. He has given up hope on some of them, and is still wary of the old 'reform trick'. (Although, it was not Freeze's intention to return to crime, it was still wise of Bruce to be cautious.

The animation was well done, especially the continuity with Freeze's head to the New Batman Adventures. The cold steam and ice animation was well done as well as Bright's radiation blasts. A little more use of shading when it came to Blight's appearance could have been used with a green reflection on Batman or objects in the room to give the idea of a harsh light, but that might have caused for an animation overload.

Overall, this episode was a fine addition to the first season, but I think this should be the last we ever see of Freeze in Terry's time.

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