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How to Draw Batman Beyond
- by Walter Foster
- Paperback
- Publisher: Walter Foster Pub; (June 2000)

Join professional comic book artists John Delaney and Ron Boyd as they reveal the secrets of how to draw Batman Beyond like a pro!

Inside you'll find in-depth guides that take you through the process of comic book figure drawing, from rough sketch to finished illustration, as well as basic drawing techniques such as foreshortening, perspective, drawing through, and more!

In addition to drawing the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, you'll also learn how to draw Bruce Wayne, Dana Tan, Inque, Blight, and many other friends and foes of the Dark Knight. And, with helpful tips for rendering an assortment of Bat-gadgets, the Batmobile, Batcave, and other Gotham City locations, you'll be creating impressive Batman action scenes in no time!

So grab your art supplies and get drawing!

Batman Beyond Files
- Written by Scott Sonneborn, Liz Lewis
- Hardcover: 48 pages
- Publisher: Watson-Guptill Pubns; (April 15, 2000)

Return of the Joker
- Written by Mike Teitelbaum
- Softcover: 144 pages
- Publisher: Scholastic

Return of the Joker Screenplay
- Written by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Glen Murakami
- Paperback: 128 pages
- Publisher: Watson-Guptill Pubns; (October 5, 2000)

It's Gotham City in the 21st century and there are earth-shattering questions to be answered. Why did Bruce Wayne give up being Batman? What ever happened to Robin? And what became of Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker? Here is the official screenplay of the animated movie, chronicling the latest Batman adventure-an original, feature-length animated film made exclusively for video to be released Halloween 2000.

In addition to the full shooting script, the book is filled with rare original art and storyboards used in the film's creation-printed for the first time ever-and two scenes cut from the movie, providing fans with a unique, inside look into the world of Batman Beyond. In this exciting screenplay, the missing chapters in the Batman legend are revealed for the first time. When Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker, returns from the dead, the future of Gotham City hangs on the heroism of the new Batman, young Terry McGinnis. But first, Terry must unravel the secret, unspoken history shared by Bruce and his former partners, Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon and Tim (Robin) Drake.

This page-turner is filled with excitement for teen and adult fans and school-age readers. It's also an excellent reference source for professional and aspiring screenwriters, animators, and cartoonists.

Batman Beyond: The Animated Series Guide
- Written by Scott Beatty
- Softcover: 48 pages
- Publisher: DK Publishing

Batman Beyond: The Animated Series Guide celebrates the thrilling storylines and breathtaking art of Batman Beyond, giving fans of the television show special access to its exciting cast of characters - from Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis to J-Man and Thugs.

Story Books

- Written by Sholly Fisch
- Art by John Delaney, Dave Cooper, David Tanguay
- Paperback: 24 pages
- Publisher: Random House (Merchandising); (May 28, 2002)

It's not easy being Batman. Terry McGinnis dons the Batsuit to fight crime by night, but he still has to be at school in the morning. When Terry gets in trouble for falling asleep in class, his mom grounds him. Now who will watch over the streets of Gotham City? 

Hear No Evil
- Written by Scott Peterson
- Art by John Delaney, Mike Decarlo, David Tanguay
- Paperback: 24 pages
- Publisher: Random House (Merchandising); (May 28, 2002)

The villain Shriek, who uses sound as his weapon, is wreaking havoc on Gotham City. But when Shriek's stone-splitting sound vibrations miraculously shatter the wall of silence surrounding a hapless deaf boy, a whole new world opens for the supervillain. Can Batman cage a criminal who's started whistling a new tune?

New Hero in Town
- Written by Scott Peterson
- Art by Brandon Kruse, Dave Cooper, David Tanguay
- Paperback: 24 pages
- Publisher: Random House (Merchandising); (December 2000)

Gotham City in the 21st century. Bruce Wayne, now in his 70s, has hung up his cape for good. Enter Terry McGinnis, teen rebel. Terry stumbles upon the reclusive billionaire's secret, and Wayne agrees to train the fearless youth for a life of crime fighting. With a high-tech Batsuit loaded with gadgets and with the voice of the original Dark Knight in his ear, Terry becomes Batman for the new millennium.

No Place Like Home
- Written by Sholly Fisch, Hilary Bader
- Art by John Delaney, Dave Cooper
- Paperback: 24 pages
- Publisher: Random House (Merchandising); (December 2000)

On a mission to stop his enemy, Blight, from stealing a deadly chemical compound, Batman stumbles upon a community of outcast youths living in the tunnels beneath Gotham City. The kids show Batman a shortcut to the chemical factory. After foiling Blight's plan, Batman secretly returns to the tunnels and leaves a bounty of toys, food, and clothing for the homeless youths.

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