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Releases - CD - Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Original Release Date
: October 17, 2000
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Rhino Records
Total Runtime: 38:07

Track Listing
1. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
2. Industrial Heist
3. Meet the Joker
4. Joker Crashes Bruce's Party
5. Terry Relieved of Duty
6. Nightclub Fight/Terry Rescues Bruce
7. Trap for Tim
8. Joker Family Portrait
9. Arkham Mayhem
10. Batman Defeats the Jokerz
11. Joker Meets His End (Again)
12. Healing Old Wounds
13. Crash [The Humble Brothers Remix] - Static-X, Mephisto Odyssey
14. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (End Title) - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Music composed by Kristopher Carter
Album produced by Kristopher Carter
Executives in Charge of Music for Warner Bros.: Gary LeMel and Doug Frank
Executives in Charge of Music for Kid Rhino: Phil Baron

Review by Robin III: Now this is how you do a soundtrack for Batman Beyond. The soundtrack to the show's direct-to-video feature, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, this sound creates a fusion sound like we've never heard before. Composer Kristopher Carter is able to infuse the classic orchestral sound with the show's hard techno beat into something completely new, and completely amazing.

The mixture of rock and orchestra are definitely the highlights of this album. Carter has done an excellent job mixing the two elements together, and this score ranks up there as one of the better ones of the year. Even the James Bond references that the creative team worked into the movie make their way onto the soundtrack, through the crunching brass and strings. There is only glaring weak point for the album, but we'll get to that later, the good stuff here is too well done to pass up.

The way Carter is able to balance both the hard techno beat and the orchestral stuff is amazing; even the tracks that are remotely one or the other work together due to the other fusion tracks.

The soundtrack isn't all fusion, as both styles get their moment to shine. Carter creates a beautiful homage to Shirley Walker in most of the orchestral tracks, usually recalling moments from the movie's flashback sequences. He even creates a haunting 'Aliens'-esque sound in a Joker-themed track, making the villain's main theme all the more chilling. Carter is able to bring so many different ideas together into one spiffy package.

The only weak point is "Crash" by Static-X and Mephisto Odyssey, the song that appears at the end of the album - it just doesn't really fit in. It's nothing special and it just doesn't sound as expressive and engrossing as all the racks that came before.

However, some traditionalists may get squeamish from the "new rock" elements, but by being adventurous and sampling this CD could prove to be a rewarding prize. The "new rock" elements aren't as jarring as the Batman Beyond TV soundtrack, and the bigger budget is definitely apparent. Still, the balance between orchestra and electronics is excellent, making it something the fans should really appreciate.

-Written in 2000

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