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Releases - DVD - School Dayz and Spellbound


Release Information:
Street Date: 3/2/04
MSRP: $12.98
Format: DVD
Subformat: 5-Single Sided
Sound Track Language: English
Closed Captioning: Yes
Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]
Contains Episodes:
-The Winning Edge
-Dead Man's Hand
-Hooked Up
-A Touch of Curare

Review by Zach Demeter
In an effort to get their VHS catalogue onto DVD, WHV compiled two separate Batman Beyond; VHS releases onto one disc, without a single extra to be seen. The finished product, Batman Beyond: School Daze/Spellbound;," is rather mixed. Three of the six episodes on this release we already have on DVD.

While the episode selection - "The Winning Edge," "Golem," "Dead Man's Hand," "Spellbound," "Hooked Up," and "A Touch of Curare" - is pretty strong, it's disappointing that WB opted to use three episodes that are currently on DVD. There is a whole other VHS, called Batman Beyond: Crush;, featuring three episodes not yet available in the digital format - "Once Burned," "Rats," "Terry's Friend Dates A Robot" - that should have been apart of this DVD instead of "School Daze."

It's a great bunch of episodes well worth the price. Not every episode is a winner, with the quality ranging from mediocre - "Hooked Up" - to excellent - "A Touch of Curare". Fans might want to take note this collection includes the episode that spawned dozens of disturbing fan fiction sites and...rather adult stories - "Dead Man's Hand." Watch if you dare.

The main menu contains a list of episodes and audio options. That's it. Not a single other option. The transfers for these episodes are pretty standard, not amazing but not terrible. In fact, these transfers on par with the Batman Beyond: The Movie; DVD release from 1999.

These DVDs are remarkably cheap, costing no more than $8 - 10, so you shouldn't feel ripped off. This DVD release, and its counterpart Batman Beyond: Tech Wars/Disappearing Inque; are worth picking up to help us pass the time until the inevitable Batman Beyond box sets.

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