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Bios - Superman Clone
Voiced by: Adam Baldwin
Status: Dead
Bio: Created from the blood left behind by Superman at the scene of his death, Lex Luthor began harvesting an army of Superman clones to eventually take over the world. Before the full crop could be developed, however, the first Superman clone began to rebel against Luthor and his programmed behavior pattern, eventually killing villains instead of merely putting them in jail. Although the clones were created with a lead shielded Kryptonite bomb inside the two hemispheres of their brains, the Superman clone was able to remove this bomb before Luthor could detonate it.

While Superman had only killed Toyman, the city was already rebelling against him and it wasnít long before the real Superman returned from the grave to take out the clone once and for all. Despite the clones intentions to rid the city of evil, doing so without Supermanís moral center proved too brutal and the evil clone was taken out with a Kryptonite bomb, stuck to the cloneís chest with tar and detonated by the real Supermanís heat vision.

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