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Another unexciting easter egg for the site, I'm afraid!

Massive thanks are in order for this website you're seeing! First off we have Ian Samson to thank for the menu vectored buildings and logo and Jonathan Stone for the awesome textured background. Sadly the background had to be cut down for bandwidth issues and what was used on the site is only about 1/3rd of what the actual size of it was. You can view the full one below and if you happen to see some demonic shape in the background, that was purely accidental according to Jon, it just happened to show up!

And for those on larger resolutions, I know there's a ton of empty space on the left side (being on a 22" 1680x1050 monitor myself, I can see plenty of red). I got carried away with my creative side and ended up going for something that looked better than functional. Now that it's out of my system, I swear the next site won't be as quirky!

Thanks again for visiting and thanks to those who helped form the site!

-Zach Demeter



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