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Bios - Cassandra

Voiced By: Parminder Nagra
Position: Teacher of Bruce Wayne
Biography:  While researching for ways to deal with his pain, Bruce Wayne came upon Cassandra, who taught him much more than he set out to learn. Cassandra sought to become a Fakir as a small child and "tricked" old men in the village to train her, disguising herself as a boy in the process. When the men grew tired of trying to test her skills and waiting for her to fail, they branded her a witch and her own father cast her out of the village. She lives now with constant harassment from locals, which comes in the form of an attack late at night when Bruce was still staying with her. Cassandra takes the pain inflicted up on her by the boys, but Bruce steps in to defend her, knocking each one of the boys out in tandem. After witnessing this, Cassandra packs Bruce's bags and sends him on his way, noting that she has nothing else to teach him and that the pain he feels is not something that she can teach him to deal with.

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