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Backstage - Alan Burnett Interview (WF Conducted)

In an exclusive interview with The World's Finest, Batman: Under the Red Hood producer Alan Burnett discusses the upcoming direct-to-video animated feature. New images are also included.

Alan Burnett, producer for Batman: Under the Red Hood, recently participated in a brief Q & A with The World's Finest to discuss both the highly-anticipated animated feature and his future plans. Burnett has a well-established background in Batman-themed animation, working in a host of different creative capacities, including stints on the classic Batman: The Animated Series and The Batman, along with countless other animated features and series. The direct-to-video Batman: Under the Red Hood animated feature debuts July 27th, 2010 on DVD and Blu-ray disc from Warner Home Video.

The World's Finest: As producer, can you explain your role in Batman: Under the Red Hood and the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line?

Alan Burnett
: I’m responsible for the development of all the scripts for the DCU.

WF: Right away, how does Batman: Under the Red Hood differ from other Batman DTVs that have come before? Why?

The script, which is by Judd Winick, based on his comic series, is about as heart-wrenching a story as we’ve done. It puts Batman through the biggest emotional wringer yet. At its heart it’s a horror story, really, about a lost soul and a descent into hell.

WF: Some fans have asked why not just do Batman: A Death in the Family straight
out instead of using that tragedy as context. Is there a reason why this story was more appealing than the other?

: The way Judd pitched Batman: Under the Red Hood to us, Batman: A Death in the Family folded neatly into his story without having to go into any great detail about it. Also, I’m not sure that a DTV ending with Batman carrying the
dead body of Robin away from the murder scene would have felt finished.

WF: Can you drop any hints or teases about this movie, as a final enticement for readers?

People who’ve read the books know there’s a big secret in Batman: Under
the Hood
, but I don’t think knowing the secret spoils the video at all. You’ll be trading mystery for suspense. I will say this, in the very last scene, in the very last minute, there’s a twist that is different from any other ending we’ve done, and it packs a punch.

Oh, and for those fans clamoring for another Bruce Timm voice performance, in this one he plays a character with a lot of punctuation marks on him.

One more thing, there’s a ten-minute DC Showcase short on Jonah Hex, which rocks.

WF: Lastly, can you give us a quick rundown of what you’ll be working on next?

Uh, oh, the Warner Bros. publicist is lowering the Cone of Silence, so let me say real fast…

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