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Bios - Ares

Voiced By: Alfred Molina
Position: Deceased / Servant of Hades
Biography: Once the lover of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, Ares eventually waged war against the Amazon's in a bid for total control. After an epic battle on Themiscrya, which led to the death of Hippolyta and Ares own son, Ares was bound in shackles by Hera and Zeus and made to live his life in prison on the island.

Years later, Ares would escape with the help of an Amazon he would turn, Persephone, and go on a quest to free himself of the shackles by visiting Hades. Once free of the shackles, Ares attempted to once again wipe out the Amazon race, but ultimately failed when he was beheaded by Princess Diana.

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