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Bios - Steve Trevor

Voiced By: Nathan Fillion
Position: Pilot; Boyfriend of Princess Diana
Biography: An American fighter pilot, Steve Trevor's wingmen were shot down by enemy planes over the ocean. Although Trevor had managed to take the final enemy aircraft out, he was left without a place to land, with only open water stretching out before him. Suddenly an island appeared before him and upon crash landing, Steve Trevor became the first male to walk the island of Themiscrya, home to the Amazons. Trevor eventually was returned to the U.S. with the princess of the island, Diana, whom he eventually began to fall for the more time he spent with her. Together the two were able to save the U.S. as well as Themiscrya from destruction due to Ares latest attempt at domination.

As a result of her feelings for him, Diana returned to the U.S. to live and cultivate the relationship between her and Trevor.

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