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Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Original Airdate - March 2nd, 2013

Back on Oa, the crew of The Interceptor follow a series of clues which span across the galaxy, uncovering information about the mysterious "Science Director", Aya's secret origin, and how to put a stop to her destruction.

Written by Jeremy Adams
Directed by Rick Morales
Review by Sabrewolf
Media by Warner Bros. Animation



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Another great episode from Green Lantern! I definitely did not expect the creators to tie Aya's origins with the entities, let alone Ion. I guess with Ion's existence, that means all the other Corps. entities probably exist as well, including Parallax. Now I really wish we could've seen the show's take on Kyle Rayner, or what his relationship with Aya would've been like.

I think this might be the last we see of Scar, since I can't see her showing up in the finale to fight off Aya or finish off Hal. She probably thinks she's above all that now, and that even with her "Godly" power she still doesn't stand a chance against Aya. Had the creators gotten a season 2, she probably would've come back for Blackest Night or for an appearance with Black Hand. (Sigh) Just more of what could've been...

Wow, I was not expecting Lamo to get a big heroic sacrifice scene. And not only is he gone, but so is the Interceptor. The crew are once again at their darkest hour, and I'm itching to see if Hal can come up with something to save the day and Aya.



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