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Bruce Timm Updates on JL's Second Season
By Jim Harvey

Bruce Timm was able to update Toon Zone on the second season of the hit Cartoon Network Justice League series.

According to Bruce Timm, the second season is "WAY underway...we're knee-deep in scripts and storyboards."

The second season is much anticipated, even though the first season is not yet complete. Cartoon Network is currently holding back the two part "Injustice For All", the two part "Metamorphosis", and the three part season finale "The Savage Time". Bruce Timm has also confirmed that Paul Dini will indeed be writing an episode next season, and possible Jeph Loeb.

"Jeph [Loeb] MAY write something for us, but he's pretty swamped at the moment" said Timm. "Looks like Paul will PROBABLY do one (or more, I'm hoping)."

Timm also unveiled some great, albeit brief, news for the Superman fans concerning a certain major villain from the underappreciated classic animated Superman series:

"I storyboarded a short sequence in the new Darkseid episode."

Timm recently animated a flashback sequence in the Justice League episode "Paradise Lost" and also storyboarded the riveting fight sequence between Darkseid and Superman in the classic Superman episode "Legacy Part 2."

Originally posted on Toon Zone News.

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