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Bios - Katma Tui/Green Lantern

Voiced By: Kim Mai Guest
First Appearance: "Hearts and Minds"
Position: Green Lantern

Bio: Katma Tui, the former master (and girlfriend) of John Stewart, has proven her worth to the Corp time and time again. With her successful missions, and even her infiltration of Despero's forces, she has showed them that she can do anything they need done. While she was setting up the resistance against Despero's forces, Katma Tui re-trained John Stewart to use his ring again, once Despero had sucked the "will" right out of him. Though stubborn, as he always was, Stewart eventually got his act together and regained his ability when the time called for it most.

Katma Tui's other known trainee was the young Kyle Raynar.

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