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Bios - Hro Talak

Voiced By: Victor Rivers
First Appearance: "Starcrossed"
Position: Leader of the Thanagarians

Bio: Hro Talak is the leader of the Thanagarian forces and is also "promised" (engaged) to Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl). In an attempt to build a hyperspace bypass on Earth, allowing them to strike the home world of the Thanagarians sworn enemy, the Gordanians, Hro Talak found that taking over Earth wouldn't be as easy as he had thought. Facing the opposition of the Justice League and Hawkgirl, Hro was eventually defeated and forced to leave Earth, but not before breaking up his relationship with Hawkgirl and her relationship with Green Lantern.

For more, refer to the Justice League Unlimited bio.

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