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Bios - Lord Hades

Voiced By: John Rhys Davies
First Appearance: "Paradise Lost"
Position: Locked Away in Hell

Bio: When Felix Faust discovered the truth about Lord Hades and his imprisonment, he felt that it was his duty to set him free. After all, with his master being free, he would gain what he had wanted all along: ultimate knowledge. Of course, once Hades got out, he betrayed Faust and turned him to dust.

He unleashed his army of the dead onto the Justice League while Hippolyta and Wonder Woman fought him. While it was in vain at first, once Faust conjured up his last bit of energy and tossed it at Hades, he revealed his true form and things were set into motion. Wonder Woman removed the key from its slot and the gates began to close again, sucking everything in the room into it. While Wonder Woman held onto her mother for dear life, Hades latched on, but was beaten off at the last moment. Then Wonder Woman pulled herself and her mother to safety.

For more, refer to the Justice League Unlimited bio.

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