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Issue #01 - Disarmed
Release Date - Nov. 14, 2001 (First Issue)
Written by Ty Templeton; art by Min S. Ku, Dan Davis, cover by Bruce Timm, Alex Ross

When a meteor lands in an American suburb, the League is called on to investigate. Soon they are drawn into an intergalactic conflict, but it seems as if the real threat may be one of their own...Green Lantern! 

Issue #02 - More Human Than Human
Release Date - Dec. 12, 2001
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Craig Rousseau, Wayne Faucher, cover by John Delaney

The Justice League must find a way to defeat a strange magical cult that is targeting the treasures of museums around the world. To succeed, the League needs the Martian Manhunter, but is he too torn by his feelings of alienation from his new teammates to help?
Issue #03 - The Lost Star
Release Date - Jan. 9, 2002
Written by Fabian Nicieza; art by John Delaney, Randy Elliot, cover by John Delaney, Randy Elliot and John Kalisz

The Justice League saves four space travelers from an unknown planet named...Daxam! Are these weary refugees exiled freedom fighters or escaped convicts? And what happens when they discover the gift of...a yellow sun? Has the League found brand new friends, or brand new foes?
Issue #04 - World War of The Sexes
Release Date - Feb. 13, 2002
Written by Dan Slott; art by Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh, cover by Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh and John Kalisz

The Justice League must find out why Wonder Woman's Amazon sisters have turned against the world...starting with all the men! Can the League stop the female warriors before they conquer the planet?

Issue #05 - The Star Conquerer
Release Date - Mar. 13, 2002
Written by Todd Seavey; art by Chris Jones, Al Nickerson, cover by John Delaney and Rob Leigh

It's "Starro Wars" when a giant starfish-shaped conqueror from space uses mind-control to defeat the newly formed League. The World's Greatest Super-Heroes are left helpless and must turn to a mysterious old member of the Green Lantern Corps for help. But what help is there against a single enemy that can break off into thousands?
Issue #06 - Wolf's Clothing
Release Date - Apr. 10, 2002
Written by Dan Slott; art by Min S. Ku, Dan Davis, cover by Min S. Ku and John Kalisz

Chronos, the Time Thief, has captured the members of the Justice League and is auctioning them off to the highest villainous bidder! Can the Justice League find a way out before they're going, going, gone?

Issue #07 - Flash Fax
Release Date - May 8, 2002
Written by Len Kaminski; art by Joe Staton, Rick Burchett, cover by Darwyn Cooke
Textless cover

Meet the Fastest Fax Alive as the League's speediest member tries to save time by traveling through the telephone lines -- and accidentally dials a fax machine by mistake! But being flat as a pancake isn't all it's cracked up to be, and when the fun of slipping under doorways wears off, the Flash thinks his career is over...until the Earth is invaded by amazingly thin creatures from the Second Dimension!
Issue #08 - New Moon
Release Date - Jun. 5, 2002
Written by Mike W. Barr; art by Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh, cover by Min S. Ku and Rob Leigh

When the League learns that there's a giant creature using the moon as a giant monster incubator, they do everything in their power to keep things stable. But as the gargantuan beast starts to hatch, the very Earth itself is threatened with certain doom! And when a stormy old foe uses the opportunity to create chaos, the Justice League finds themselves buffeted by the howling winds of fate!
Issue #09 - Stepping Out
Release Date - Jul. 3, 2002
Written by Matt Howarth; art by David Lopez, cover by Butch Lukic

When evil strikes, it's never convenient -- and the Flash somehow must help the Justice League save the world without raising the ire of his beautiful date.

Issue #10 - Must There Be A Martian Manhunter?
Release Date - Aug. 7, 2002
Written by Josh Siegal; art by Chris Jones, Christian Alamy, cover by Butch Lukic

Superman is taken down in battle and the Martian Manhunter must replace him as a hero to millions. But does the shy, reserved alien have what it takes to inspire all of humanity?

Issue #11 - The Moment
Release Date - Sep. 4, 2002
Written by Dan Slott; art by Min S. Ku, Dan Davis, cover by John Delaney and Rick Burchett

Returning from an adventure in the far future, the Flash and special guest-star, the Atom, discover that the villainous Chronos is tampering with history. But when the two heroes notice that Chronos is trying to undo a terrible tragedy, will they stop him or help him?
Issue #12 - Cold War
Release Date - Oct. 2, 2002
Written by Chris Sequeira; art by Min S. Ku and Mark Propst; cover by John Delaney and Paul Neary

You'll want to grab a sweater and light a fire as Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost and a chilling cabal of icy super-villains attempt a hostile takeover of a small African nation. Can the League stop them in time or will they be the first victims of the "Cold War?"
Issue #13 - Local Hero
Release Date - Nov. 6, 2002
Written by Dan Slott; art by Min S. Ku and Mark Propst; cover by Butch Lukic

Introducing the character find of the year...All-Star! This normal girl from the suburbs may just have exactly what it takes to become the Justice League's newest member...or it's first casualty.

Issue #14 - Angry Tide
Release Date - Dec. 4, 2002
Written by Matt Manning; art by John Delaney and John K. Snyder III; cover by Butch Lukic

Aquaman, angered with the pollution that Gotham City has dumped into his seas, declares war. Now, the Justice League do battle with Aquaman, once an uneasy ally with the League.

Issue #15 - Enslaved
Release Date - Jan. 3, 2003
Written by Todd Seavey; art by Aluir Amancio and Rob Leigh; cover by Mike Manley

Still reeling from his last defeat at the hands of the League, space pirate Kanjar-Ro returns to collect some of the deadliest weapons in the galaxy…weapons he's used to turn the World's Greatest Super-Heroes into the world's most powerful slaves!
Issue #16 - Hide N' Seek
Release Date - Feb. 5, 2003
Written by Scott McCloud; art by John Delaney and John K. Snyder III; cover by Butch Lukic

There's a traitor within the Justice League, and only the most alienated member — Martian Manhunter — can put the clues together before the betrayal leads to the end of the League…and perhaps the Earth.

Issue #17 - The Weapons of Man
Release Date - Mar. 5, 2003
Written by Kevin Hopps; art by Min S. Ku and Christian Alamy; cover by Mike Manley

Aresia has turned the World's Greatest Super-Heroes into the World's Greatest Weapons! Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl and Jesse Quick must devise a way to defeat Aresia and the men of the Justice League.
Issue #18 - Evano The Terrible
Release Date - Apr. 3, 2003
Written by Stan Berkowitz; art by Chris Jones and Dan Davis; cover by Rob Haynes

An alien race has established a beachhead on Earth in a most unexpected place and it's up to the miniscule Justice League ally, the Atom, to stop the invading force from taking down the League’s most powerful member.
Issue #19 - What's in a Hero
Release Date - May 7, 2003
Written by Michael Bernard; art by John Delaney and Rick Burchett; cover by Tim Levins and Burchett

Green Lantern grants a child the power of the most dangerous weapon in the universe to show what it takes to be a hero.
Issue #20 - Emotional Baggage
Release Date - Jun. 4, 2003
Written by Jason Hall; art by Rick Burchett and John K. Snyder III; cover by Butch Lukic

As the Psycho-Pirates strike, the League must go head to head with a villain who can control their very emotions. This causes to League to deal with the tension that has been building since their formation.

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