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Media - Intro and Credits

Show Intro/Opening Titles
Cantina Pictures Visual Effects animated the CG-animated opening titles (or "opening credits") to Justice League. Though, to note, an unfinished workprint alternate version of the intro was sent out with press screeners of "Secret Origins," which featured lightly-animated animatics, as opposed to the finalized CGI intro by Cantina Pictures Visual Effects.

Also, for Justice League's first three episodes, the title of the episode was displayed during the opening credits, during the Green Lantern sequence. It was eventually dropped and the episode title was shown with the rest of the main creative credits as the episode itself started after the opening credits.

Intro Image Gallery

Intro Video

Alternate "Titles" Intro Video

Animatic/Unfinished "Workprint" Intro
When screener copies of the three-part Justice League series premiere were first sent out to the media for review back in Oct. 2001, the show wasn't exactly in the completed form which debuted on Cartoon Network the following month. While all three episodes themselves were locked in, that wasn't quite the case for Justice League's opening titles sequence. Instead of the now-familiar finalized version featuring computer-generated imagery, the screener copy featured an unfinished workprint version using storyboards by Justice League producer Bruce Timm. The storyboards were crudely animated and set to a temporary theme, itself eventually replaced in the final cut.

"Starcrossed" Intro
Created exclusively for the DVD "Movie" release of Starcrossed, the intro and credits featured longer music as well as a special montage of images throughout the series, allowing first time audiences watching the film to see the relationship between John Stewart and Shayera Hol develop.

"Starcrossed" Image Gallery

"Starcrossed" Intro Video

End Credits
Credits were on a black background and remained consistent through both seasons.

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