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Media - Intro and Credits

Show Intro
Remained consistent. An alternate version was sent out with screeners of 'Secret Origins', which featured regular animation, as opposed to the CGI that the final intro was in.

For the first few episodes, the title of the episode was displayed during the credits, over the screen showing Green Lantern. It was eventually dropped and the title was shown with the rest of the credits as the episode started.

Theme (MP3, 708kb)


Alternate Intro
Below are screens from the regularly animated intro (see details above).

Show Credits
Credits were on a black background and remained consistent through both seasons.

Credits (MP3, 364kb)


Created exclusively for the DVD "Movie" release of Starcrossed, the intro and credits featured longer music as well as a special montage of images throughout the series, allowing first time audiences watching the film to understand the relationship between John Stewart and Shayera Hol better.

Intro (MP3, 1.4mb)
Credits (MP3, 2.1mb)


Thanks to Stu for providing the audio and video source for the Starcrossed images!

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