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Release Information:
Format: DVD
Announce Date: 12/12/02
Street Date: 4/22/03
Closed Captioning: Yes
MSRP: $9.97
Packaging Type: DVD tray (FLP snapper)
Media Quantity: 1
Sound Track Language: English
Run Time: 88
Episodes: In Blackest Night (Part 1); In Blackest Night (Part 2); The Enemy Below (Part 1); The Enemy Below (Part 2)
English, Francais, Portuguese, Espanol

Aspect Ratio:
Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]

Sound Quality:
Dolby Surround Stereo - Spanish
Dolby Surround Stereo - English
Dolby Surround Stereo - Portuguese

Special Features

Introduction: Episode introductions with Producer/Director Bruce Timm
Other: The Look of the League; Justice League Watchtower; I.D.

Official Synopsis: Two, two-part episodes from the first season of Justice League. In the first episode, In Blackest Night, Green Lantern is put on trial for destroying a planet, but the Justice League comes to his aid to uncover the real perpetrator of the crime. In The Enemy Below, Justice League members use their superhuman strength to help Aquaman save his family and kingdom.


Out of the four DVD releases that Warner Brothers is doing for the 22nd of April (in 2003), this has to be the best. Out of them all you have Superfriends, X-Men Evolution, Batman: The Animated Series: Tales of the Dark Knight, and this one Justice League: Justice on Trial. You may ask how it can be the best when it too, like all the others, has a mere four episodes on it -- and considering this is Justice League, that basically tallies up to be only two episodes. I don't know the direct answer to that, all I know is this is one fine DVD, with fine transfer, audio, and yes, even decent special features.

Starting out with the transfer, I have to say this is leaps and bounds above the quality of the BTAS DVD, which is only because of the newness of Justice League -- it may have been only around for one and a half years now, but it's still got the "newness" quality to me, and this DVD is probably one of the best Superhero ones I've owned. The episodes on the disc are some of my favorites out of season one, and I just have to say I'm blown away by it. The crisp video just make it all the better.

Moving onto the special features -- the episode introductions with Bruce Timm are informative, and fun to watch, while the "Look of the League" feature is nothing short of "Awesome." It tells us how they (the crew) went about choosing the members of the League, why they chose them (and yes, Timm even addresses the reason they chose Stewart over Rayner), and how they're handling their character traits and all the other goodness. Perhaps the only weak feature is the "I.D." which will be insanely easy for fans who know their comic and JL history, but it'll give the little ones something to fool around with.

Menu navigating is as easy as always with most superhero DVDs, as they're probably engineered for small children to get around (although "The Enemy Below" definitely isn't a children's cartoon), and they're not overly complicated. Basic series music accompanies the main menu, and nothing much else that's too spectacular, just some nice, clean art to show off, although it is "stock" art.

Overall: If you're wary about picking any of the four new DVDs up, then at least get this one. It's got two (or four) great episodes on it, and the video quality's just something I'm still not able to get over. If anything, animation truly shows what DVDs are capable of in terms of quality -- and in that area, it blows VHS away.

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