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Backstage - Christopher Jones Discusses JLU #43 Changes

At the time Jones originally drew this issue, DC Animated Comics ran for twenty-two pages. They now run for twenty. Jones' work had to be adapted to fit into the new page count. Below is a look at what was altered and left out to make the story fit into the new page count.

The original page 14 had the Justice League landing outside the under-construction shopping mall where they find the bad guys thanks to Beetle's tracking device. Much of the exposition and banter was just condensed and moved to the next page. The biggest loss in my opinion was this exchange:

Panel 3:

Wonder Woman (at Booster / Off Beetle):
Okay. We've established that HE'S crazy. What's YOUR story?

Panel 4:

Booster Gold:
Uhh... I'm a janitor from the thirtieth century.

Panel 5:
Same as Wonder Woman glares at Booster.

Booster Gold (wilting under Wonder Woman's look):
It's... um... It's a REALLY long story...

Panel 6:
Past Wonder Woman leveling a swearing look after Booster as he
hustles into the Mall to catch up with Beetle and John, as Batman
steps casually past Wonder Woman.

You asked.

The next missing page was page the original 20, which would have come before the last two pages of the story.

Here's the dialog:

Panel 1:

Booster Gold: You Guess? Weren't you listening to a thing he said?

Blue Beetle: He didn't actually tell us to STOP.

Booster Gold: Not in so many words...

Panel 2:

Blue Beetle: Okay. Change of plan.

Booster Gold: groan...

Blue Beetle: We take out an ad.

Panel 3:

Booster Gold: Say WHAT!?

Blue Beetle: 1-800 SUPERDUDES!

Panel 4:

Blue Beetle: Hear me out.

Booster Gold: I'm not listening. Lalalalalalalaaa...

Panel 5:

Wonder Woman: That was quite a speech back there. I didn't know you had that many words in you.

From there it moves into the final pages as published. The only remaining change was to the final page, where many of the graphics I had done were dropped from the final version.

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