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Backstage - Writers
Writers are listed in production order of appearance.

Stan Berkowitz
Fearful Symmetry (Story)
The Return (Story)
The Cat and the Canary (Story)
The Balance (Story)
Hunter's Moon (Story)

J.M. Dematteis
For the Man Who Has Everything
The Return (Teleplay)
Ultimatum (Teleplay)
The Ties That Bind (Teleplay)
Clash (Teleplay)
Shadow of the Hawk (Teleplay)
Grudge Match (Teleplay)

Alan Moore
For the Man Who Has Everything (Adapted from)

Dave Gibbons
For the Man Who Has Everything (Adapted from)

Ron Zimmerman
Hawk and Dove (Story)

Robert Goodman
Hawk and Dove (Teleplay)
Fearful Symmetry (Teleplay)
The Cat and the Canary (Teleplay)
Doomsday Sanction (Teleplay)

Henry Gilroy
Kid Stuff

Paul Dini
This Little Piggy

Andrew Kreisberg
The Greatest Story Never Told
Dwayne McDuffie
Ultimatum (Story)
Wake the Dead (Story / Teleplay)
The Once and Future Thing, Part 1: Weird Western Tales
The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time Warped
Doomsday Sanction (Story)
Task Force X (Story)
The Balance (Teleplay)
Clash (Story)
Hunter's Moon (Teleplay)
Question Authority
Panic in the Sky
Divided We Fall
Epilogue (Story/Teleplay)
I Am Legion
Shadow of the Hawk (Story)
To Another Shore
Dead Reckoning
The Great Brain Robbery (Story)
Far From Home (Story)

Warren Ellis
Dark Heart

Bruce Timm
Wake the Dead (Story)
Epilogue (Story)

Jim Steranko
The Ties That Bind (Story)

Darwyn Cooke
Task Force X (Teleplay)

Gail Simone
Double Date

Matt Wayne
Chaos at the Earth's Core
Flash and Substance
Patriot Act
The Great Brain Robbery (Teleplay)
Grudge Match (Story)
Ancient History (Story)

Paul Dini
Far From Home (Teleplay)

Geoff Johns
Ancient History (Teleplay)

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