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Bios - Captain Atom

Voiced By: George Eads ("Initiation"); Chris Cox
First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Justice League Member
Bio: Made up of pure nuclear energy, Captain Atom is forced to contain his formless "body" inside a shell, which allows him to be contained. During a fight with the rogue monster, Brimstone, however, Captain Atom's suit was ripped open--forcing him to fly into space to "detonate." Those on board the watchtower were able to retrieve most of his rogue nuclear cells and pump them into a new shell.

Captain Atom was re-recruited for the U.S. when General Eding approached him. His new loyalty lay with the U.S. Government and subsequently, Cadmus. Captain Atom's job is to prevent Superman, Huntress and Question from leaving the building. He eventually lost in his fight with Superman, who returned him to the Watchtower to have his shell repaired. He later aided in the Justice League in defeating the onslaught of Ultimen.

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