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Bios - Booster Gold

Voiced By: Tom Everett Scott
First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Justice League Member / Not Green Lantern
Bio: With the cover story of coming from the future to fight justice in the past, Booster Gold really only seeks one thing: fame and fortune.

Though he works with the Justice League, Booster Gold can't seem to get a break. He's always assigned to low-profile missions and is always being mistaken for Green Lantern. Despite these set backs, he was able to help Professor Tracy Simmons when an explosion in their lab, caused by Mordu, caused an experiment they were working on to go haywire. One of her colleagues had their project, essentially a mini-black hole, attached to his body and couldn't stop sucking stuff up. Though many obstacles hindered his progress, Booster was finally able to get the ring around his neck to stop the rampage.

Booster Gold is accompanied by his faithful flying robot, Skeets (voiced by Billy West). Though he's essentially only a information robot, he and Booster have formed a close relationship; Skeets not only helps with information on topics, but also comforts Booster when an individual has no idea who he is.

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