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Bios - Brainthor

Voiced By: Corey Burton/Clancy Brown
First Appearance: "Panic in the Sky"
Position: Destroyed
Bio: After Amanda Wahler destroyed the android shell in which Lex planned to live in for all eternity, Brainiac finally revealed that he had been operating within Luthor for years, having placed nano bytes in his body years earlier, subtlety influencing his decisions since he took over.

Healing Luthor of his Kryptonite induced cancer and given him the super strength needed to defeat The Question, Brainiac accepted Luthor's offer to live beyond his programming, and merge into one being that would not only collect the information it gathered, but rule it.

Having absorbed all the information from the Dark Heart, Brainiac and Luthor created a device that they hoped would absorb all of the information they required before the Justice League stopped them. Having destroyed the machine, The Flash then completely separated Luthor from Brainiac, killing him. Given the nature of Brainiac's programming, there's no telling whether or not he is still alive, somewhere.

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